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The Avatar handle and muzzles are adaptable to all tubes with an internal diameter of 26 to 26.5 mm.
You have to cut the excess parts (the spokes in both the handle and the muzzle) to adapt it to your tube, all Ermes aluminum
tubes have an internal diameter of 26.5 mm
and all Ermes carbon tubes have an internal diameter of 26 mm, it is advisable not to force the coupling of the carbon tubes
and possibly and not to use the o rings, but the caps supplied.
IF you use O-rings to seal the pipe, it must be positioned in the correct location as shown in the figure
We are not responsible for damage caused by incorrect assembly


  • Green
  • Red
  • White
  • Blue
  • With Muzzle
  • without Muzzle
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  • Reinforced nylon handle body with anchoring ring and ambidextrous ergonomic ribs.
  • Two seating options for mounting O-rings; the choice of seating is based on 26 or 26.5 tubing.
  • Pure silicone handle available in various colors: White, Red, Green, and Blue.
  • Conveniently positioned safety lever, easy to activate with the index finger.
  • Preparations for attaching a vertical reel directly to the line release handle or with the use of a quick-release attachment accessory.
  • Included right-hand ergonomic support, optional for left-handed users.
  • Removable multifunctional support included for mounting the Revolution camera or Siren bait system.
  • Mechanism with a double roller system entirely made of stainless steel, ergonomic trigger, and rounded line release (does not cut the line) with right or left mounting options.
  • Option for a steel rear support for the Revolution camera bracket.
  • Option for a Revolution camera bracket.
  • Vertical reel option available for Colibri, Falco, and Leonardo models.
  • Horizontal reel option available for Sula and Albatros models.


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Green, Red, White, Blue


With Muzzle, without Muzzle

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