Titanium Knife


From our idea, a series of knives with a refined and innovative design are born, with the themes, air (EAGLE), stylized eagle symbol. Sea (SEA) stylized trident symbol. Earth (GLADIO) symbol Stylized warrior helmet. Blade Made entirely of 4 mm thick Titanium, one side sharp and the other serrated.

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  • Air (EAGLE): Featuring a stylized eagle as its symbol.
  • Sea (SEA): Showcasing a stylized trident as its symbol.
  • Earth (GLADIO): Displaying a stylized warrior helmet as its symbol.

The blade is entirely crafted from 4 mm thick titanium, with one side being sharp and the other serrated. Additionally, it includes an integrated rod extractor in the design, with the option to choose a white or black pom handle. The pom c sheath comes with a satin stainless steel lid featuring a double ball locking mechanism. The entire manufacturing process is carried out using numerical control machines, ensuring maximum precision and quality.”

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Eagle, Sea


Without Cover, Black, White

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