Muzzle Doble Roller


The double roller muzzle for spearguns is made of reinforced nylon with fiberglass. It features a stopper to secure elastics after firing, dual pulleys for smooth operation, and can accommodate up to 15mm elastics. It’s suitable for tubes with diameters from 26 to 26.7mm and comes in two versions with or without ceramic bearings. The M6 threaded tip allows for optional installation of a shark spike. This component enhances performance and versatility in spearfishing.

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The double roller muzzle for spearguns is entirely made of nylon reinforced with fiberglass and is characterized by several specifications:

  • It is equipped with a stopper that prevents the elastics from coming out after firing, enhancing safety and tool management.
  • The overlapping system is made possible by two different pulley sizes: a front pulley with a diameter of 36 mm and a rear pulley of 28 mm. This system provides smoother and more efficient operation.
  • The muzzle can accommodate elastics up to 15 mm wide, providing adequate launching power for its purpose.
  • It is designed to be suitable for tubes with diameters ranging from 26 to 26.7 mm, offering versatility for use with different types of spearguns.
  • It is available in two versions: one with ceramic bearings and one without, allowing the customer to choose the version that best suits their preferences or needs.
  • The muzzle’s tip is pre-fitted with an M6 thread for the optional installation of the shark spike, even though it is not included as standard.

In summary, this double roller muzzle for spearguns is designed with high-quality materials and advanced features to deliver excellent performance and versatility for spearfishing.

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Muzzle Doble Roller


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