Speargun Avatar 3B


Professional combination three bands already assembled, where you can add or change colors and accessories by visiting the ‘Build My Speargun‘ page

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  1. Avatar grip with silicone handle and pad load, easily operable safety with one finger.
  2. Open muzzle for three Primeline Industries red 14.5 mm rubber bands.
  3. Patented double roller trigger mechanism, no friction, tested at 400 kg.
  4. High-strength 6063 aluminum tube, matte black with standard white anti-friction spear shaft guide.
  5. Approximately 10 cm more loading power compared to similar sizes available in the market.
  6. 17-4 PH spear shaft with a standard fin.
  7. Customization options for colors and setup in the “Build My  speargun” section.

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90, 100, 110, 120

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